October 2017

Hope anchors the soulHello

I am Rev Dee, your new minister at Wesley Hall.

I am glad to be joining you at this time, especially as we move through October with a trinity of celebrations: Our Church Anniversary, Gift Day and Boys’ Brigade Centenary, plus the Theatre Club production coming soon.

But I also know I join you at a time when there are many of you struggling with illnesses and bereavements, and Wesley Hall is going through lots of changes because of that. This is not an easy time for many of you.

I will seek to laugh with those who laugh and weep with those who weep, as appropriate, in the coming weeks and years.

Life is that unending mixture of joy and pain.

We see it in;

Creation – finding beauty in the chaos
The Cross – finding life in death
The Church – finding love in our faith and failings

One of what are called ‘Fresh Expressions of Church’ is called Messy Church. But I think Church was always meant to be messy, we just have a tendency to try to make it too tidy and comfortable. As we work through our present messiness and pain may we discover new ways of being there for each other, new ways of seeing faith, new ways of celebrating life and death, new ways of reaching out to others with God’s love.

The Boys Brigade have the motto ‘Sure and Steadfast’ and have as their hymn ‘Will your anchor hold in the storms of life?’ As we celebrate 100 years of the 19th London Company of Boys Brigade, as we celebrate our 111th Church Anniversary, and move forward into this new chapter of our lives at Wesley Hall, may we all know we have an anchor that keeps the soul steadfast and sure, whatever life brings.

May God bless and keep you in his love

Rev Dee

Who can separate us from the love of God.
Death cannot! Life cannot!
Angels cannot! Leaders cannot!
Hard things now or in the future cannot!
For I know that nothing can keep us from the love of God,
that is seen in Christ Jesus!

Romans 8: 38-39

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