Happy Birthday, 1st Sydenham!

GB balloonsLast weekend saw Wesley Hall’s 108th Church Anniversary and, of course, the Centenary of the 1st Sydenham Girls’ Brigade Company. There was a whole weekend of celebrations for the Centenary, enabling as many former and current members to take part as possible.

There was an exhibition of uniforms, badges and other items, photographic displays to peruse and several people had brought along memorabilia from their time in Brigade.

The weekend started with a Girls’ Brigade Open Evening on the Company’s usual meeting night, Friday, and continued with both an Afternoon Tea and a Party on Saturday. The tea was an opportunity to chat and reminisce with old friends and new, look at photographs and eat lots of cake…

GB centenary cakes

The party took on a more practical hue with a spot of line dancing and a full band practice. The latter was particularly impressive when considering that most participants had not picked up a bugle or played a drum in years, or even decades! It all seemed to come flooding back and the sound of bugle and drum awoke memories for the rest of us too.

Jairus' Daughter, by Roger JonesFinally, on Sunday morning, the very talented current Company sang a moving performance of Jairus’ Daughter, a musical of ten songs written by Roger Jones for the Girls’ Brigade Centenary in 1992.

Thanks to the 1st Sydenham Company for hosting such a great reunion weekend, and roll on the 125th anniversary…!


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