September 2014

SeptemberDear Friends

OK, someone obviously forgot to tell the weather that August was supposed to be summer; but despite the autumnal chill I hope you all had a good summer.

There was one particular day this summer when the bottom of my foot was swollen, my legs ached from walking awkwardly and my nose was sun burnt. Yep, I’d been to Brigade Camp for the day with grandson Ethen and joined in the ‘Treasure Hunt’. Despite the foot, the legs and the nose we really enjoyed ourselves and had a great day.

Camp, as always, was fun and the theme which was followed up in the service that Sunday was ‘100’, chosen because this year is the 100th anniversary of Girls Brigade at Wesley Hall. A big celebration will take place in October where people who have been associated with GB over the years will meet for a reunion.

There are many facets to camp: food, games, outings, devotions etc but it’s also a time of fellowship and getting to know each other; interacting in a different way to everyday life. The leaders work tirelessly together to ensure that the young people have a great time but having said that everyone is expected to take part, tidying tents ready for inspection first thing in the morning, washing up, cleaning the toilets and changing rooms and scrubbing pans. It’s this working together that makes camp work. Lots of little things done together can make a big difference.

The Brigades are very much a part of Wesley Hall and this year we will be combining Church Anniversary and gift day with the GB celebrations. It’s easy to be a part of something like camp and to get to know each other because you’re away from your normal life. There is always the expectation that everyone will muck in and take part. It’s not so easy in church where we only meet for an hour or so on a Sunday morning. Yet fellowship, worship and expressing faith together is a very important part of what it is to be a Christian. Helping relationships to develop is key to successful Christian community – not always an easy task .

This Sunday, 14 September we will be worshipping ‘café style’ and the subject of the morning will be ‘How do we care for each other and how we can work together to deepen our fellowship?’ Visiting members this week to discuss confirmation, a suggestion was made that perhaps we should try to establish a house group where faith and life could be discussed and relationships deepened. What do you think? Is it something you would like to be a part of? We’ll talk about it on the 14th. We have class leaders who oversee the pastoral needs of the congregations but it is not always an easy task. Perhaps we could talk about that on the 14th? Deepening relationships in the congregation can only be beneficial but how can we best achieve this? It should be an interesting morning.

Jesus inspired people to come to him to ask for help; to bring their sick and troubled friends and relatives. He inspired people to follow him. Church is a place where we should be able to support each other in the bad times and celebrate with each other in the good times, a place where we can grow in faith. To do this we need to really get to know each other and to be comfortable with each other so that it becomes natural to share our lives and welcome new people into our fellowship.

I just want to say please don’t hesitate to ask if you’d like me or a class leader to visit you or to arrange a chat. There doesn’t need to be a problem but it’s always good to talk and to get to know each other better. My number is in the list of contacts and on the notices each week.

You will have noticed that a number of people have been very busy over the summer refurbishing the entrance hall of the church so that we will have a lovely bright and welcoming area when we come into the church. Thank you to all who have given their time and energy.

God Bless


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