Garden Update

Summer lilies

It seems every time I write a gardening update something new has appeared in the Memorial Garden. The lilies that I got in Poundland back in March have now come into full flower, and a plus is that when I bought them they were supposed to be all white, but half of them are orange – what a result!

All of the roses have now bloomed at least once or are about to. We have one new rose this month. This one is dedicated to George, husband of Helen, who died last year. Helen had bought a rose and put it in her front garden but wanted it to be put into the Memorial Garden, so I went round and transferred it for her. It does seem to have settled in well and will bloom soon. It is by far the biggest rose in the garden so far.

Another new addition to the garden this month is a Callistemon Rugulosus, also known as a Scarlet Bottlebrush. I haveput this at the back of the car park, closest to the gates. It is in flower now so you can see it in all of its glory. This was donated by me after I had my front garden re-done.

As yet we are still waiting for the Memorial Garden plaque to be completed. It is a very busy time for all, but it will get done eventually. In the meantime, if you want to know where your rose is, please see me and I will be happy to help you locate it at any time.

By the way, many thanks to the big man above for all the rain in June. (I think Mother Nature has her months mixed up. It’s been more like April).

This will be the last update until September, due to the summer holidays. So mum and I wish everyone a safe a happy holiday season, whatever you are doing, and don’t forget to keep an eye on the garden. There are still lots of things to come out in flower, through the coming months.


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