July / August 2011

Dear Friends

RainbowTony and I thoroughly enjoyed the Theatre Club’s latest production – with a great afternoon tea.

It was good to hear some of the songs that have become favourites over the years, some were funny and had us all laughing – I wonder how Janet managed to keep track of what her hankie was doing whilst singing – some were sad, some were jolly, some really got the audience tapping their feet and humming along.

Then of course there was my favourite song of all time, ‘Somewhere over the rainbow’, made famous by Eva Cassidy and sung by Clare. I was reminded of this song just a few days earlier as we were driving back from Warlingham one evening when it started to rain. However, this was no ordinary shower of rain because the sun was also shining and there were beautiful full arches of rainbows set in the sky before us all the way home. The colours were vibrant on the lower bow and lighter on the upper – they were fascinating and in a way mysterious, I couldn’t take my eyes off them. Of course the rainbow is always before you, God’s promise. You can’t get to the other side of it because there isn’t one.

The song ‘Somewhere over the rainbow’ was originally in the musical version of the Wizard of Oz with Judy Garland as Dorothy, and now in the new stage version. Many people believe that it’s a very spiritual story, a message from God. So I thought it might be interesting to have a look at some of the ideas about Dorothy’s experiences in Oz. Andrew Johnson has found five things he believes Dorothy learned from her journey on the Yellow Brick road when she discovered she couldn’t go home until she had found the wizard.

Firstly perhaps she learned about being self-reliant. Confronting her own power and learning how to use it.

  1. We have power but we might not be aware of it. Dorothy was given ruby slippers to take her home, or create her heart’s desire over the rainbow, but she realised that actually her heart’s desire was to go home and make things different there. She made a choice.
  2. Bad things happen like witches and cyclones, but they can, in the end, be a means of spiritual growth if we learn from them.
  3. We must learn from ourselves. Truth is not given but realised. Each character wanted something from life. Dorothy wanted a better life, the Tin Man wanted a heart, the Scarecrow wanted a brain, the Lion wanted courage – they hoped that the Wizard of Oz could give it to them – only to discover that they already had these things, they just didn’t realise it. We need to look within. We don’t have to go off in search of a mystic, or seek truth from a variety of exotic religions. Truth is found in our own back garden or more particularly within ourselves.
  4. Reality is very simple. We create our own reality. We tend to make it more complicated than it need be. The simple universal fact is that if we believe it to be complicated then it is.
  5. There’s no place like home. The kingdom of heaven is not a place over a rainbow but a condition we live in here and now. We don’t need to go over the rainbow to find it – we will one day but not yet.

God Bless,


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