Garden update

June flowersSummer is well and truly here and we are already having a bit of a drought here in the South of England, with no significant rainfall in April, nor much in May. The newly installed water butt is very low so I have been using internal water to water the garden. So, here’s hoping for some significant rain in June (but only by night so not to affect the summer for all of us!).

The new compost bin has arrived so all I have to do is to get the compost activator and we can start to put the grass cuttings in and have some compost to put back into the garden next year.

It was so good to see so many people at the Spring Fair and together we raised over a magnificent £1,000. Some bedding plants from the Fair are now in the garden. These include antirrhinums, busy Lizzies, geraniums and marigolds.

Nearly all the roses are now in bud, and some are now in full bloom so if you would like to see them I would be happy to take you out and show them to you. The summer bulbs are also now coming up, as are the Asiatic Lilies in the pots down by the wheelchair ramp at the side of the church.

I have also removed the daffodils and tulips from the main garden and put them into containers so that the main garden looks tidier through the summer. They will go back into the garden with some new additions in late September.

On our two recent visits to Kew gardens, we acquired some new shrubs for the garden. Two Astilbes – one white and one red, two Primulas, one that reminds me of a Red Hot Poker, but much smaller, and the other has delicate little round flowers, they are in flower now so look out for them. The last of the new additions is a Coreopsis (verticillata Zagreb), but this is not in flower yet.

Well, that’s all for now. Many thanks for the continued support and here’s to a great summer for us all, and don’t forget, if anyone has any ideas or suggestions regarding the garden, please see me at any time.

Opium poppies


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